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Monday, August 8, 2022

Wyndham City Councils Master Plan To Upgrade Presidents Park

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Wyndham City will upgrade Presidents Park in Wyndham Vale following the adoption of a master plan that outlines a vision for the 75-hectare reserve over the next decade (2022-2030).

Presidents Park is a large recreation reserve, occupying approximately 75Ha, located in
Wyndham Vale, approximately 2.5km from the Werribee Town Centre.

The park is bounded by the Werribee River to the east, by Heaths Road to the south, by McGrath Road to the west, and by private land to the north.

The Park provides key facilities and playing surfaces for a number of sporting activities. The
Park also provides facilities for Werribee Obedience Dog Club and the Wyndham Vale parkrun,
as well providing playground facilities for the

Council will deliver a second full-size hockey pitch; an upgraded baseball pavilion and upgrades to the diamonds, including back netting behind home bases; upgrading the slow pitch softball fields to allow for adult competition; and infrastructure to assist in the running of large-scale events.

With current and anticipated population growth, and consequential growth in demand for sports,
the Master Plan was required to guide future development and activity in the park.

There will also be new landscaping along the Lake and Werribee River and a new art heritage walking trail; universal play space; new walking paths from east to west of the park; and trail loops with distance markers.

The Master Plan proposals for Presidents Park recognise the diverse usage and character of
the reserve with a focus on improving access and connections, sporting infrastructure,
environment and landscape, amenity and cultural and artistic interpretation.

There are a number of proposed actions for the Master Plan.

Presidents Park currently provides for a mix of active sports uses including hockey, baseball, and softball and cross country running.

The Park serves as the home for the following sports clubs and is a key competition venue for local schools and regional sporting associations:

  • Werribee Hockey Club
  • Werribee Giants Baseball Club
  • Werribee Softball Association

The park also provides facilities for organised but non-competitive uses by the following groups:

  • Werribee Obedience Dog Club
  • Wyndham Vale Parkrun

New features to be introduced.

  • A second full-size hockey pitch
  • Upgraded baseball pavilion and upgrades to the diamonds
  • All-abilities play space
  • New walking paths
  • Events Infrastructure
  • Extended fenced dog area
  • Enhanced Parkrun Circuit with distance markers


  • New and upgraded sporting facilities, walking paths and exercise equipment suitable to all ages
  • Improved infrastructure to assist with the running of large-scale events
  • Improved use of active open space

The park plays an important role in the Werribee River flood plain and is inundated from time
to time particularly during a 1:100 flood event.

Finally, the park provides a number of passive recreational facilities for the general community
including playgrounds, skate and scooter park, paths and shelters and a fenced dog off leash

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