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Saturday, May 28, 2022

National Lottery retailer body ALNA welcomes proposed Oz Lotto changes

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The Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association (ALNA) has welcomed the Oz Lotto game enhancements proposed by Tattersall’s Sweeps Pty Ltd (Tatts in Victoria).

ALNA CEO Ben Kearney said ALNA supports the proposed change to Oz Lotto, which will be the first time the game has changed in 17 years.

The proposed changes include increasing the starting jackpot from $2M to $3M, which will be supported by an increase in the subscription to $1.30 per game, from $1.20 per game. This will result in a corresponding increase in agent commission per the current fixed commission rate.

The changes will also result in an improved chance of winning any prize (from 1 in 55 to 1 in 50) through changes to winning combinations, odds and introduction of a third supplementary number.

“It is timely that the game receives a refresh in what is a very competitive landscape,” Kearney said. “Like many small businesses, lottery retailers have struggled through COVID, particularly in Victoria where lottery kiosks had to close for many months.

“These positive changes which include a 50% increase in the starting jackpot will drive bigger jackpots, more winners overall and the small increase in price will assist retailers and their staff to weather this more challenging trading environment with rapidly rising costs,” he said.

Kearney referenced similar changes to Powerball several years ago, recalling that retailers were nervous about the change, “but it ended up being great for players and retailers who have seen some really exciting jackpots as a result.”

Commenting on reports that the changes will make chances of snaring Division One prize become virtually impossible, Kearney said: “Lotteries are by their nature hard to win but that’s what drives the big jackpots our customers get excited about.

“The regulated model means that the majority of revenue goes back to players already and these changes, while they make it a bit harder to win the Division One, will mean those jackpots are even bigger and that the chance of winning any prize will increase.”

ALNA is the peak national industry body representing lottery agents, retail newsagents and distribution newsagents who are small businesses that are located in almost every rural town, regional centre, and metropolitan shopping centre in Australia.

Kearney said that it is a competitive environment and lottery products could not sit still and never evolve. “Together with Victoria, this is also a national issue with over 4000 lottery retailers in Australia,” he said. “These business owners and staff rely on these suites of products to be properly managed, so they don’t stagnate. Driving growth is a part of any good business and these changes will assist our retailers in Victoria and nationwide.”

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