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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Melbourne man launches popular new tech news website

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A west Melbourne man based in Werribee has created dedicated technology news website “Tech Business News” to help educate the public about new technologies. His website is based in the city and includes articles on everything from the history of Australia’s technology industry to the growth of the IT industry. The site is designed to be educational and provides a variety of resources.

This website will also feature a discussion board where readers can discuss the latest technological innovations and their applications. Ultimately, the site aims to be the most comprehensive resource on technology and its future.

“I started Tech Business News after noticing a large gap in tech news niche. The country did not have a truly dedicated technology news publication,” said director Matthew Giannelis.

The website is Matthew’s second online venture. He’s already written over hundreds of posts for various sectors of the tech industry. He has also written articles on the history and growth of the IT industry in Australia. As a result of the success of his website, he hopes to raise awareness about the technology community and develop a community around the site. But, for the moment, he’s still only available in English, but it’s a great start!

After a horrifc car accident Mr. Giannelis was left with several head injuries making it extremely difficult to focus and function in his normal every day I.T duties as a technical support engineer. Looking for new ways to create his own income and remain in the industry he loved. Tech Business News was born late 2020 and come into focus in 2021.

After an incredible digital marketing effort Giannelis found his way through torrent of hurdles needed he needed jump in order to get some digital visibility in the search engines.

He put thousands of hours into self-educating himself in the world of search engine optimization and digital marketing methods while also learning what not to do from a past project attempting to operate a domain name registration and web hosting company.

He said, “there was just no financial reason to proceed in an industry already flooded with the same services and had over 20 years on me, I saw a gap in the media industry and went for it.”

As more Australians go online, the news and media industry is focusing on how best to distribute their content. Whatever the content, news organisations must ensure that they reach important communities, including indigenous peoples and women.

Tech Business News has a strong focus on cyber security, producing quality content for its global audience and meeting government and media industry expectations.

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