January 18, 2022

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Hickory Data Centres breaks ground in Truganina


Australian company Hickory Data Centers has just opened its site in Truganina, Melbourne, which will house a 72 MW hyperscale facility comprising two 36 MW diverse buildings and 18 data halls.

The turning point comes when Hickory’s data centers announce the expansion of their portfolio across Australia, with sites now acquired to deliver more than 100 MW to market in two hyperscale data centers. Upon full completion of each installation, it will constitute a $1.1 billion investment in the Australian market.

The Truganina site was acquired in early 2021, with the data center designed to meet the specific design, scale and security requirements of leading cloud and content providers with availability from Q4 2022.

Hickory data centers offer a highly secure multi-megawatt option that redefines the provision of data centers from construction to manufacturing. The company achieves this through various offerings, leveraging Hickory’s capabilities and backing a highly trained data center team.

Solutions include traditional hyperscale siting, versatile buildings or single tenant options, and turnkey models that span the site selection, construction and provision of Shell & Core services, including the offering of custom built and operated services.

Hickory Data Centres has also acquired a 24,000sqm site in Canberra, with plans to build a 28MW hyperscale data centre. The data centre will be designed to a security level of SCEC4 or higher, and include 4,000sqm of office and storage space.  

Hickory Data Centers also acquired a 24,000 m² site in Canberra, with plans to build a 28 MW hyperscale data center. The data center will be designed for a security level of SCEC4 or higher, and will include 4000 m² of office space and storage space.
Hickory Data Centers was launched in early 2021 as a business division of Hickory, an established and diversified property development and construction company in Australia. It has since quickly launched into the market with the acquisition of the two sites with plans to add additional sites to the portfolio.

Joel O’Halloran, CEO of Hickory Data Centers, said, “We are delighted to lead the way at our Truganina location in Melbourne as the strategic expansion of Hickory Data Centers comes to fruition. These locations will bring substantial capacity to the growing Australian market, with Melbourne currently one of the hottest markets in the world for data center investments. “

According to a report by Structure Research from 2021, the Melbourne data center market is projected to be $ 1.1 billion by 2026.

Jabez Tan, Head of Research at Structure Research, commented: “At the moment, Melbourne has relatively limited options for hyperscale data center capacity compared to Sydney. Melbourne is expected to see a significant increase in hyperscale demand as both Google and AWS recently announced new cloud regions. “

“As Hickory Data Centers grows and expands, we build to match the world’s largest technology companies,” said O’Halloran. “We drive technology to drive change and enable innovation in Australia, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this data revolution.”

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