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Harley Davidson Rider Clocked At 143km/hr In 60km/hr Zone Near Hoppers Crossing

A 31-year-old Harley Davidson rider was clocked and found speeding at 143km/hr (doubling the limit) in a 60km/hr zone. The incident occurred between Sneydes and Derrimut Road Hoppers Crossing around 12:40. According to Werribee Police the bike was impounded for 30 days with fee's totaling $1006.10

Upon observing the speeding motorcycle, police swiftly intervened, pulling over the rider before any potential catastrophe could unfold.

The individual now faces a slew of charges related to dangerous driving and exceeding the speed limit. As the legal process unfolds, the accused will be summoned to court to answer for his reckless behavior.

The consequences of his actions extend beyond legal ramifications. In a move to enforce accountability and deter future reckless driving, authorities have impounded the offender’s vehicle for a period of 30 days and carries a hefty financial burden, amounting to $1006.10.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and exercising caution on the roads. Police officials also emphasise the grave risks posed by reckless driving, urging motorists to prioritize safety and responsibility behind the wheel.

Last year two vehicles were confiscated by police in Hoppers Crossing after being clocked at high speed and driving recklessly. Westgate Highway Patrol officers said the cars were travelling in tandem on Mossfiel Drive at 9:30 pm. The Audi station wagon and Holden Captiva had exceeded the 50 km/h speed limit, continuing on to Bellbridge Drive with both reaching up to 100 km/h.

In 2019 Wyndham police and road safety groups slammed a State Government plan to increase the speed limit to 110km/h on the Princes Highway between Melbourne and Geelong.

Wyndham road policing adviser Senior Sergeant Damien Madden said the Government would run the risk of more fatalities if the speed limit was increased.

“We wouldn’t be supportive of increasing the speed limit because of the risk of increased road trauma, serious injury and fatality,” he said.

As the Harley Davidson case progresses through the legal system, it highlights the severe consequences that individuals face for disregarding speed limits and engaging in dangerous behavior on the roads. Furthermore, the decision to impound the offender’s vehicle for a period of 30 days underscores the necessity of enforcing accountability to deter future incidents and offending.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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