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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Wyndham Free Palestine Action Group Rallies For Ceasefire At Local State Member’s Office

In the heart of Werribee, a strong contingent of activists from the Free Palestine Action Group gathered in front of the Tim Pallas State Labor Member office in Watton Street Werribee,, echoing calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

In a fervent display of solidarity, a community organisation committed to amplifying the voices of Palestinians, continues its tireless efforts in advocating for the rights and freedom of the Palestinian people.

Through events, rallies, educational initiatives, and community outreach, Wyndham for Palestine seeks to amplify the voices of Palestinians and promote solidarity in their quest for self-determination and human rights.

Ms. Measham, along with her fellow Wyndham residents, Mehak Sheikh, Alisha Saiyed, and Jazeer Nijamudeen, stand as the co-founders of Wyndham for Palestine.

Their collective efforts aim to raise awareness, foster dialogue, and mobilise support within their community and beyond, striving for justice and peace in the region

The rally, characterised by passionate chants and placards demanding peace, drew attention not only for its fervor but also for the notable police presence that shadowed the event.

Established with a profound mission to shed light on the century-long struggle for liberation, the group reaffirms its dedication to the cause through a series of objectives aimed at fostering awareness and action.

As the group continued their march down Watton Street, their spokesperson affirmed their commitment to regular demonstrations, declaring their intention to take their cause to the streets of Werribee. “We are going to be here every Week,” 

Amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the Palestine Solidarity movement in Australia has risen as a potent force, becoming one of the most prominent anti-war movements in recent times.

In a display of solidarity, three councils representing outer-suburban working-class communities passed motions advocating for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The motions were not without significant support from the public, rallies in Dandenong, Broadmeadows, and Werribee stood as testaments to the widespread sentiment against the violence in Gaza.

Notably, the councils endorsing these motions primarily comprise members of the Labor Party, alongside right-wing or apolitical independents. However, it’s speculated that the presence of elected socialists might have intensified the advocacy for the motions.

A petition, signed by 2,436 individuals and received between December 11th and 13th, 2023, underwent discussion and voting during a Council meeting on December 19th, 2023.

While the motions garnered significant support, there were dissenting voices within the community, questioning the role of local councils in international affairs and expressing concerns about potential divisions within the community. Many argue that local councils should refrain from engaging in matters that may only have limited impact on a global scale.

Critics within the community question whether it is within the council’s purview to take sides in a complex conflict such as the one in Gaza, which encompasses historical, geopolitical, and religious dimensions. Locals argue that adopting a stance could risk alienating segments of the community with differing perspectives.

The movement’s activism extends beyond periodic rallies. Weekly marches, unprecedented high school walkouts, and disruptive protests at crucial locations such as docks, shopping centers, and racetracks reflect the depth of community engagement within the movement.

To date, seven Victorian councils, representing over one-fifth of Melbourne’s population, have adopted resolutions demanding an immediate end to the ongoing conflict. Additionally, community campaigns in numerous other councils are actively working towards similar motions.

The rally outside the office of Tim Pallas in Werribee signals not only a local outcry but also adds to the growing chorus of voices across Australia demanding an end to the violence in Gaza.

The Free Palestine Action Group vows to continue their demonstrations, their message for peace reverberates throughout the streets, amplifying the call for a ceasefire on a national scale.

As the demonstration concluded, the Free Palestine Action Group remained resolute in their commitment to continue their advocacy efforts, amplifying the call for a ceasefire on a national scale as they marched towards the office of local member for Lalor, Ms. Joanne Ryan MP.

Matthew Giannelis
Matthew Giannelis
Matthew is the chief editor of the Werribee News and Tech Business News based in Melbourne Australia. After contracting in the IT world as a systems engineer his career turned to journalism
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