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Concerns Over Werribee’s Ageing And Neglected Footpaths – Wyndham City Promises Revamp

Local Werribee residents have demanded immediate action as neglected footpaths continue to pose growing safety concerns. Wyndham City addressed the community’s unease and dissatisfaction promising a revamp. The footpath in question has been included in the list for Werribee CBD repairs commencing the week of 18 March 2024, and will be inspected again in April

Along Werribee’s iconic Watton Street and Synnot Street, residents and ratepayers are increasingly alarmed by the deteriorating condition of the pavement pavers.

Installed in the mid-1990s, these once-sturdy bricks now exhibit telltale signs of aging and wear, with numerous reports of them buckling and creating hazardous tripping points.

The situation has escalated to the point where urgent attention is demanded, akin to the standards observed at the prestigious Hunter Building, now home to the Holiday Inn.

Local resident Bianca vividly painted the grim picture of the current state of disrepair, recounting, “There are quite a few bad patches of bricks down the whole street at the moment, I nearly fell at the Watton St/Station Pl pedestrian crossing recently.”

Her frustration finds an echo in Linda’s experience, who, along with her companion, suffered the indignity of tripping over the uneven pavers.

“There’s a lot of these pavers lifting,” she says. “I think the whole lot need to be looked at. My friend actually tripped the other day outside the Cantina restaurant, and I tripped outside Bendigo bank. Honestly, there’s a lot of places where the pavers are lifting.”

Responding to the mounting discontent among residents, a spokesperson from Wyndham City acknowledged the community’s concerns and dissatisfaction.

They affirmed the significance of Watton Street as a cherished and heavily trafficked area, assuring that the city remains steadfast in its commitment to prioritise the safety and well-being of its residents by promptly addressing infrastructure issues.

“Wyndham City inspected the footpath in question last Friday,” the spokesperson said, “and it has been included in the list for Werribee CBD repairs commencing the week of 18 March 2024, and will be inspected again in April.”

Elaborating on the city’s initiatives, the spokesperson disclosed the allocation of substantial resources toward the upkeep and enhancement of the Werribee City Centre.

A strategic Road Management Plan has been devised to ensure the regular maintenance of roads and footpaths, thereby facilitating safe and convenient mobility for the community.

“The red brick pavers along Watton and Synnot Streets have been regularly maintained since their installation in the mid-1990s,” they emphasized, underscoring the ongoing efforts directed at these crucial areas,”

Furthermore, Wyndham City is actively formulating a Streetscape Framework to guide future streetscape enhancements. The comprehensive plan stems from meticulous condition monitoring, which has pinpointed areas requiring upgrades and necessitated prioritized investments.

“The first stage of these works is the construction of the Wyndham Park Car Park, commencing in April 2024,” the spokesperson disclosed.

“This will be followed by a reconstruction of Rushford Lane and upgrade of Duncans Road paving between Watton Street and Synnot Street, with further stages proposed to follow.”

Despite the council’s assurances of planned improvements and maintenance endeavors, it is abundantly clear from the impassioned testimonies of residents that the situation demands immediate action.

Without swift intervention, the risk of accidents looms large, threatening not only the safety of pedestrians but also the vitality of Werribee’s bustling core.

It’s come time the city’s promises translated into tangible outcomes, rejuvenating the heart of Werribee to meet the community’s expectations and safety standards.

According to one local resident a particularly distressing incident involved her husband, “My husband fell over, hurt his elbow, and a nice man helped him up. The brick pavers are not on concrete; pull them all up and concrete all of them.” she said.

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Editorial Team
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  1. There’s such a lot that wyndham council need to do. Not just footpaths. Ratepayers should be more vocal & let WCC know they need to lift their game.


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