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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Wyndham City to make travel easier and safer

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Wyndham City wants to make it easier and safer for Wyndham residents to get from point A to point B on foot or by bike, and provide better access for wheelchairs, scooters and strollers.

The Wyndham Active Transportation Strategy is a 10-year plan to connect the missing links in our walking and cycling paths, which currently make travel by foot, bike, scooter, wheelchair, etc. more difficult than necessary.

This work will create a safe, efficient and comfortable active transportation network that will provide better connectivity for walkers and cyclists around Wyndham and help improve health and well-being.

In 2021/22 we are spending a record $ 4 million on Wyndham’s active transportation network, which includes a $ 1.5 million federal government grant.

This is part of the Council’s commitment to ensure that our network of trails, as part of our Active Transport Strategy, a 10-year plan, to fill in the missing links in our walking and cycling routes, which are currently covered by foot, bike, scooter or wheelchair , to connect, fully connected and the like harder than they need to be.

How has Council determined which streets are getting a footpath in /2022

COVID-19 restrictions have taught us that it’s more important than ever for Wyndham residents to enjoy the outdoors and be able to get to nearby locations without having to jump in their cars.

There’s been a significant uptake in walking and cycling across our city in response to COVID-19, particularly as our community has had significant numbers of people working from home.

That’s why the footpaths selected for construction during the 2020/21 financial year are about ensuring that Council is providing those links to the destinations that our residents need now, including shopping centres, parks and playgrounds.

What impact will this have on the nature strip?

Some items currently located within the nature strip may require relocation, modification or removal to make way for the footpath, including:

•      Plants that overhang the nature strip will be pruned back to the property boundary as required.

•      Letter boxes located within the nature strip will be relocated to inside property boundaries.

•      Non-standard decorative driveways that extend into the nature strip will be saw-cut at the property boundary and replaced with Council-standard crossovers.

•      Landscaping and garden beds located adjacent to property boundaries but within the nature strip will be removed. Where it is possible to salvage materials (e.g. pavers or bluestones) these items will be returned to residents. Otherwise, they will be disposed of at an appropriate facility.

•      Residents that have planted on the nature strips and wish to save these plants should relocate them to within their property boundary at their earliest convenience.

But I’ve spent considerable time and money maintaining this nature strip.

We understand that it can be disappointing for residents who have tended to the nature strip for a number of years to have some of that work removed or modified for this new footpath.

Please be assured that care will be taken to ensure that plants, mailboxes and other items are not damaged if they need to be removed or relocated to make way for the footpath.

I’ve received a postcard from Council telling me my street is getting a footpath. What happens next?

Council officers will provide you with further updates, including the location of the footpath, once a construction timeline has been finalised.

I have more questions. Where can I get more information?

For more information call Wyndham City on 1300 023 411 or email TrafficConcerns@wyndham.vic.gov.au

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