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Council Approves Wyndham Stadium Precinct Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) for Tarneit

The Wyndham City Council has taken a significant stride towards sustainable urban development by approving the Wyndham Stadium Precinct Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) for Tarneit. The approval, granted during the council's meeting on March 26, signifies a crucial advancement in the city's planning efforts and its pursuit of enhanced livability.

The Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP), collaboratively developed with valuable insights from consultants Global South, Arup, and LatStudios, as well as input from landowners, government entities, agencies, and Council personnel, lays out a comprehensive roadmap for future planning initiatives.

Initiatives include the Oakbank Precinct Structure Plan (PSP), potential adjustments to the Riverdale PSP, and the Riverdale Major Town Centre Urban Design Framework (UDF).

With a primary focus on seamless integration, particularly between the A-League Stadium at 1160 Sayers Road, the future Sayers Road railway station, and the Riverdale Major Town Centre, the ISP also aims to cultivate an environment that is both livable and sustainable.

At the heart of this strategy are four interconnected neighborhoods, designed in accordance with the principles of 20-minute neighborhoods, promoting accessibility and connectivity within walking distance.

Noteworthy proposals include the relocation of Sayers Road to alleviate its current barrier effect among the stadium, railway station, and forthcoming town center.

Additionally, strategic placement of the future Sayers Road railway station within close proximity to the stadium is proposed, enhancing accessibility and fostering seamless integration.

Council’s approval also empowers the Director of Planning & Liveability to make minor, non-intent-altering adjustments to the ISP as required, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness in the planning process.

Additionally, the Council noted ongoing discussions with the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) on a due diligence process for the Oakbank PSP while aiming to identify and resolve threshold issues before proceeding with detailed planning

Strides Towards Wyndham’s 2040 Vision

In a remarkable stride toward realizing Wyndham’s 2040 Vision, authorities have greenlit a transformative strategic plan that goes beyond mere urban aesthetics.

It’s a visionary blueprint designed to enhance the very essence of living, embracing housing diversity, strategic high-density development, expansive open spaces, and sustainable transport solutions. This isn’t just about creating a pretty picture; it’s about fostering a dynamic community spirit, offering a plethora of recreational opportunities for everyone.

This milestone approval isn’t just a bureaucratic stamp—it’s a testament to Wyndham’s commitment to growth management, infrastructure enhancement, and the creation of safe, inclusive spaces for all. It’s a declaration of intent, showcasing the power of forward-thinking, innovative planning to elevate the lives of residents and visitors alike.

Sayers Road Train StationEnhanced Connectivity

At the heart of the plan’s vision lies the incorporation of the new Sayers Road train station, poised to become a central hub for both regional and metropolitan transportation access.

Its integration is projected to greatly improve connectivity throughout the area, seamlessly linking the stadium, the upcoming Riverdale Major Town Centre (MTC), and the neighboring residential zones.

The relocation of Sayers Road is designed to dissolve barriers among the stadium, the train station, and the Riverdale MTC, promoting a cohesive urban landscape that nurtures community engagement and sustainable living principles.

The strategic plan also details the development’s environmental considerations, with green corridors and open spaces planned around the stadium and residential zones, ensuring a harmonious balance between urban development and natural landscapes.

With the burgeoning population of Wyndham, the council foresees a flourishing landscape for the new Major Town Centre, smaller neighborhood hubs, and local enterprises.

The growth is expected to be bolstered by heightened patronage and job prospects. The introduction of the Sayers Road train station reaffirms the council’s dedication to sustainable transportation alternatives, aiming to diminish dependence on private vehicles and augment the region’s quality of life.

Setting The Bar High For Sustainable Urban Development

As the Wyndham Stadium Precinct Plan moves forward, it heralds a profound transformation in the area’s landscape. What was once merely a vision on paper is now poised to become a tangible reality, setting the bar high for sustainable urban development.

It’s a shining example of how integrated planning can pave the way for a community that’s not just livable, but thriving and accessible to all. Let this be a beacon of hope for future generations, illustrating what’s possible when we dare to dream big and plan even bigger.

The plan for the proposed Wyndham City Stadium at 1160 Sayers Road heralds the inception of a sustainable and vibrant urban precinct, poised to reshape Melbourne’s outer north-west.

With its commitment to sustainability and liveability, this project not only promises to enhance the local area but also sets a benchmark for future urban development initiatives in the region.

Matthew Giannelis
Matthew Giannelis
Matthew is the chief editor of the Werribee News and Tech Business News based in Melbourne Australia. After contracting in the IT world as a systems engineer his career turned to journalism
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