January 18, 2022

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Wyndham City Decides To Re-Implement Waste Collection Service

Hard Rubbish wyndham city

Wyndham City has decided to re-implement the system by which a waste disposal voucher can be exchanged for an additional hard and green waste collection.

Wyndham City offers most Wyndham households three free solid and green waste collection services each financial year.

The service works on an advance booking system. You will need to book your pickup day at least 2 weeks in advance with pickup waiting times between 2-5 weeks depending on your location.

Collection Checklist

  • Within property boundary with clear access
  • Put items out 1 day before your collection date
  • To ensure a smooth collection please neatly sort / stack your items in 3 separate piles close together within your property boundary (E.g. Drive way or Front yard).
    • General hard waste
    • Green waste
    • White goods/metal items
  • Please box small items of same type / category together.
  • Each item must not weigh more than 55kg and must be able to be lifted by 2 people
  • Items must not be longer than 1.5 metres.
  • Volume of waste must not be more than 3 cubic metres (3 metres long x 1 metres deep x 1 metre high)
  • All items will be collected unless marked otherwise
  • Items will not be collected from inside a trailer.  Items must be placed in front yard

If you have items that is actual rubbish, please don’t “donate” it to a charity

For example, don’t “donate” cardboard waste to the collection bins at Riverwalk.

Also note that many operational stores close during the holidays, which is understandably inconvenient for those who currently have free time and who are cleaning. Please do not throw things out to them outside of business hours.

Call ahead or check online when they are open or what days they accept donations. Go early on donation days as sometimes they receive too many items and stop accepting donations during the day.

Download the Hard and Green Waste Collection Flyer

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