January 18, 2022

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The GHOST Stations Of The Werribee Line!

Over 70 Railway Stations Have Closed All Across Melbourne, And Many Of Them Once Lay Of The Werribee Line. From Paisley To Werribee Racecourse, Let’s Go And Explore! Thank you guys for watching!

Train stations between the Melboune CBD and Werribee that you never knew exisited.

Werribee Racecourse railway station.

Werribee Racecourse is a disused station located between Werribee and Little River stations in Werribee, south-west Melbourne, Australia. The station was provided to serve the nearby Werribee Racecourse.

When line from Newport to Werribee was electrified in the 1980s, Werribee Racecourse station was originally to be part of the system. Overhead stanchions were built along one track as far as the station, but they were never wired. The safeworking system used on the line does not permit a train to terminate and reverse once inside a signalling section, so without modifications to the signalling system, electric trains going to Werribee Racecourse station could not have returned to Werribee.

The station has been unused since 1995 when the Western standard gauge line was built to the west of the platform, making it impossible to get to the station from the racecourse without crossing the standard gauge track. There have been calls to extend the overhead to the station to the serve the growing areas west of Werribee

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werribee_Racecourse_railway_station

Rail Geelong - Locations - Werribee Racecourse Station
Werribee Racecourse Train station
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The old Red Rattler passing through Werribee Racecourse train station

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