January 18, 2022

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Remembering the Old Werribee 10 Cinemas at the Plaza

Werribee 10

Movie theater aesthetics have definitely gone downhill in recent years. Replacing the bright, fun colors with much more boring and transactional ones. Back in the 1990s and 2000s, Werribee 10 Cinemas at Werribee Plaza (now known as Pacific Werribee) was a truly iconic destination for locals who visited it regularly.

Many residents here will have fond memories of birthday parties, first dates and possibly their first jobs here. It was owned by Anderson and affiliated with Village Cinemas.

The front of the cinema was an epic sight. The decoration made you feel like you were looking straight out of Hollywood, at least that’s how it felt to me as a child. The garden bed outside was the coolest place for criminal kids to hang out and look cool. This was Werribee’s equivalent of the Flinders Street train station steps.

When you walked into movie theaters, there were doors on both sides. One side was close to La Porchetta and the other side was close to NRG arcade or Intencity (both like TimeZone) and a space that had had a few other restaurants over the years. This led to a grand staircase that split in two directions at the top, with a large balcony all around. One direction took you to the balcony, the other direction took you to the restrooms and it was more people leaving.

Above the staircase and the central foyer there was a giant lighting fixture with a large star. There were posters and cutouts for upcoming movies around the walls. Above the entrance, into the lobby, each cinema room had a large mural featuring famous movie scenes including Titanic, Batman and Robin, Toy Story, Terminator A Bug’s Life and a few other movies. Judging by the posters for The Butterfly Effect and Shrek 2, this was done in 2004.

Windows Side

Here you can see the windows of the Werribee 10 theaters. This shows the large cavity where the staircase opened. On the left you can see the ticket office, on the right this is where you can often buy old movie posters. I bought a Team America World Police poster there once and maybe a few more. According to the Big Fish poster there, it would have been from 2003.

In the hallway connecting each cinema there were props or statues depicting famous films from the 90s.. Examples that reminded people of included a small statue of Terminator and Cat Woman.

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