Werribee’s cherry street rail removal creates new traffic complaints.

The cherry street rail crossing removal has local drivers furious about the extra time it now takes to travel into the centre of Werribee in peek hour traffic.
Local drivers are complaining about the new Werribee overpass replacing the cherry street rail crossing. Drivers say it takes longer in peerk hour.
This has sparked a number of new werribee overpass complaints.

Local Werribee residence are complaining about the new Werribee overpass recently installed to remove the railway crossing on Cherry Street located near the Bunnings store and Woolworths.
Locals said that this has just caused further problems and extra delays. The installation of the new bridge has promoted futher traffic delay problems for those who commute into werribee from the northen side and actually takes much longer to travel to the main street. “Watton Street”

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In peek hour traffic it can now take up to 28 minutes from tarniet road into the centre of Werribee via the new bridge.

Drivers interviewed stated that the new bridge makes absoultley no sense at all and they are not happy about taking the long way around and this actually gets even worse in heavy peak hour times. Others state that even though the trip across the railway line was not perfect it was still much faster as compaired to the way it’s setup now. Even in peek hour traffic on the old route was still much faster they claim.
One driver stated that this was a multi million dollar mistake and the design adds more than 15 minutes to my drive and now requires me to stop at an extra four sets of traffic lights just so I can visit the main street. “I want the old way back” she said.

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