Local Werribee man starts a huge domain name registry and web hosting company.

A local Werribee resident talented in all things I.T related has pitched his new domain name registration and web hosting business into overdrive right here from Werribee.
The industry is a highly competitive market niche to break into hence why the local man decided to reach for the stars and attempt the impossible. “He said”
During the Covid-19 pandemic thousands of Australian’s decided to try and go into business for themselves working from home. One of the first steps to start a business is to register a domain name for your website. Say your wanted to open a hairdressing service from home and you also wanted to advertise your services online. One of the first steps is to register your own web address and this is done via a domain name registration service. Currently there are hundreds of domain name registry services around the globle. Yet just a handful of domain registrars in Australia with good reputations have household brand names such as GoDaddy Australia

The domain name registration and web hosting company “Domain Registration DNS” was first founded back in 2019.
With online advertising, marketing and search engine optimisation services being so expensive the owner embarked on a three year long mission to learn all he could about marketing his new brand online in a DYI fasion. In the beginning of 2021 the business started to finally break out and gain some visibility within Australia and since then a flood of new business owners were chosing to register their domain names with the company along with using the web hosting services also. The reason for the instant spike in popularity was due to the free services that the registrar offers as compaired other well known registars who charge for certain options.

When we asked the owner who requested to remain unnamed he mentioned it’s been a long hard road to reach the point the business is at now. He mentioned with little to no support or backing from his family this had been a solo effort because no one beleived he would be able to pull off such a feat especially in such a difficult market niche.

If you thinking about starting a new business and registering your own domain name. Domain Registration DNS is definatly a great choice for a domain registrar.
They offer a business grade solution for registering your own address for as little as $15 per year and high grade professional web hosting solutions starting from just $12.50 per month.

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