January 18, 2022

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Dan Andrews goes on leave after being ordered to court on treason


Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews quietly walked away from Melbourne after being called to court on charges of “concealment of treason”.

The indictment has been successfully filed with Myrtleford Magistrates’ Court and Mr. Andrews – or at least his legal representative – is scheduled to face court on Friday at 9:30 am.

The revelations from the court hearing are likely to have at least annoyed the premier on vacation, whose spin doctors were contacted on Tuesday for comment by various media organisations.

It is not clear where Mr. Andrews went on hiatus at the end of the year.

The last time a Victorian prime minister fled, he broke his spine, which made him redundant for months.
On Friday, a legal representative acting on his behalf is expected to tune in to the court hearing via video link due to continued concerns over Covid-19 in the Victoria justice system.

Sources informed the Daily Mail Australia that the private prosecution was rejected by several Victorian courts before it finally ended up in the criminal justice stream of Myrtleford – 280 kilometres northeast of Melbourne.

The accusation list was celebrated by vaccine opponents and closure protesters, and many of them used social media to wallow in anticipation of using the words “treason” and “Daniel Andrews” in an actual courtroom.

Addressing the “freedom” protesters last month, Rech said he was able to bring the case to court.

Mr. Rech, who calls himself a “Commonwealth government official”, is known to have attempted similar proceedings against other Members of Parliament across the country, reportedly arresting “those on the bench without any crown authority.”

‘He was charged with, but not limited to, misinterpretation of treason and fraud. And as a result of those allegations filed and notified, they were notified to his electoral office, ”Rach told protesters.

“The police have been notified … The courts have been told to delete the list, but we have put it out, we have been to the clerks of the court.”

Mr. Rech told the mob that the Victorian premier faces the “death penalty” if convicted of treason.
“Now that means any politician with prosecutable crimes that’s a life sentence – but under martial law it’s a death sentence – must go to a grand jury,” he said.

Under Victorian law, ordinary citizens can pay $ 85.70 and file a criminal charge in court.
Although many private court cases are described by legal professionals as “extravagant”, they have a long history in Victoria.

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