January 18, 2022

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Computer Repairs Werribee

Werribee Computer Repair

Werribee computer repairman installing new hard disk drive in laptop computer

If you browse around Werribee looking for computer repair there doesn’t to seem many options rather than asking some of the tech experts over at office works or over at the Geeks store.

Often computer repairs can be quite expensive and out of reach of some folks on a tight budget.
However, we would like to recommend a great service that goes beyond what you might expect from a standard computer store.

Matthew has been running a local Werribee computer repair business for over 10 years in the area. He believes that computer repairs are well over priced because of the fact that it’s quite easy to troubleshoot or repair many common problems.

Often when you take your PC or laptop to a computer repair shop your going to get overcharge for really simple problems that can be solved with a few clicks of a button.

Matthew has been running his business “Private I.T” on the side apart from his other information technology duties. He said that when issues such as a virus or slow performing computer arise the usual expense is far beyond what it actually costs to solve the problem.

Removing a simple virus should only cost a consumer on average $30 as its a quick fix that can actually be done without trying to sell the customer an anti virus program. Even though running anti virus software on your computer is always highly recommended especially if your making online transactions but its actually not required to buy this software in order to remove a computer virus.

If your a bit hard up on cash and you need your computer or laptop checked out or repaired we highly suggest givig Matthew a call. He has kindly passed on some of his pricing to the Werribee News so we thought this one was totally worth a mention because of the super low pricing he has been providing local Werribee computer users.

Speeding up a slow computer without upgrading your hardware.

Virus removal

Reinstalling Windows

Data recovery including files, photos, videos, documents, emails

Installing new hardware (Hardware not included)

Advanced Troubleshooting

Slow internet

Advanced Performance Enhancement (Matts Secret Recipe)

Upgrade to an SSD Drive (SSD Drive Included)

Home or office networking & server support
$122 Per Hour

Setup advanced office computer networks and data storage solutions
$133 Per Hour

Web Design (5 Pages)

Internet Marking Consultations
$50 Per hour

Application Development (Build a your own custom iphone app)

General computer clean up and removal of un-required software slowing your computer down

Advanced ultra fast super cheap website hosting (On Matts Personal Internet Web Hosting Servers)
$12 Per Month

Get more internet traffic to your website.
(Please call)

Advertise your local Werribee Business to get found in Google
(Please call)

In home computer education (learn how to use your computer)
$20 per hour

Local nursing home visits and group computer technology talks.
$180 Per 1 hour session

Nursing Informatics in Healthcare | TigerConnect

As you can see here Matt has much to offer and his pricing is super low and unmatched compared to anywhere else in the Werribee area.

If your looking for some support or have any kind of information technology or computing needs in the Werribee area Matt will take care of you.

Beware of fly by night home computer repairs jobs. These are often operated by computer enthusiast only.

Matt has several Microsoft Certifications and is also well versed in internet technologies, web development, web design, internet marketing, search engine optimisation and networking & server qualifications. An all round I.T guru.

He also love’s to write and blog about medical technology.

Matt’s also recently launched his own Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting services right from Werribee and has rapidly grown in popularity since the covid-19 outbreak with so many people turning to run a home business. You can check out his service.

One of his passions is to visit one of the local Werribee nursing home’s funny enough presenting himself as a doctor (A a computer doctor) as loves to give talks about current technology and computers to the residence and travels rooms to room helping out where he can. He also puts in quite a funny show.

Matthew is also the director of one of Australia’s top trending technology news publications. Tech Business News

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To contact Matt for any computer repairs and I.T needs in the Werribee area he has kindly agreed to allow us to pass n his details.

Call Matt on 0431401041

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