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40 Year-old West Melbourne Man Starts Successful Tech News Website.

When an Australian man started a new website to promote his passion for information technology, he probably didn’t expect it would go wildly viral. This man knew nothing of SEO or social networking when he set up a simple website the “Tech Business News” last year. But amazingly, it is gaining popularity. And not just in the online realm. The 40-year-old man from Werribee situated in Melbournes western suburbs started the site with a few free services and now it has grown into a large reader base by republishing his tech articles and content on where the site first became noticed by IT professionals.

So what is so special about this site? According to the website’s creator, Matthew Giannelis, he wasn’t able to find any niche in the tech world that wasn’t being covered by a large company. He wanted to create a community based website that would be useful to everyone, not just those with technical skills. As he created the site, he found out that there was already an Australia IT professional tech news website and that was used by over one hundred thousand people. It was obvious to Matthew that he needed to do something unique.

What was the first thing that Matthew did to transform his website into an online treasure chest of information. He decided that every page on the website had to link to another page. That was only part of the plan though, because Matthew also wanted the website to include video tutorials and podcasts to make it easier for his readers to get to the tips and tricks they were searching for. The end result is that he has a website that brings in a lot of traffic, but also provides the Australian public with exclusive insider knowledge and reliable news stories about IT.

Matthew has been traveling all throughout the western districts of Melbourne speaking at schools and sharing his knowledge. He has even appeared on local community TV as a guest to discuss the importance of IT. There are a lot of people in Australia who are interested in computers and in using technology. By creating a website that gives them easy access to all of this information, Matthew can show them just how cool their lives can be. He starts a new tech news website for them.

One of its features is a blog where each day freelance contributers would write something new about a technology related topic. One of the contributors is Matthew himself. If you are interested in reading what is being said, you can follow the Aussie computer expert on the sites blogs. The blog itself invites members of the general tech community to freely submit tech related news, articles, stories and content via the free article submission portal. Content that is considered as news worthy and provides value to the sites readers is published directly on the tech news website upon a manual review by the editorial team.

The other way that Matthew has used his new website to further educate the public is through guest posting. He has made over one hundred posts for various technology sectors. He discussed how the IT industry in Australia has grown over the years, and he gave a brief history of IT in Australia. He also talked about how he uses his website to talk about technology.

Last week Matthew submitted an article to Vents Magazine describing the Australain IT and Tech News Sector. Within 12 hours of the article going live it had already been viewed 1860 times driving masses of web traffic to the Magazine website according to who’s well-known toolset for web traffic and SEO (search engine optimisation) analysis indicated

One of the things that struck me about this tech news website is that Matthew takes a personal interest in educating people about IT and technology. He is active in many of the discussions on the site. He offers his opinions and helps others find the information that they need. While no one can say exactly what the future holds for IT in Australia, the country is definitely on the cutting edge of the field, and this man knows it.

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